Reykjanesbær pays annually every child who is domiciled in the municipality and is in primary school. 35.000 for the subsidization of recognized sports, – leisure and art work. The payment can never exceed the cost of the course. The conditions for using incentives are that there is a planned job, under the guidance of a coach and a teacher / mentor. If the person has not taken advantage of incentive payments in part or in full, the balance will fall due at the beginning of the year.

The Sports and Recreation Representative of Reykjanesbær asks the cashiers of sports and leisure clubs (including arts and crafts such as dance, singing and ballet and mother tongue education) in Reykjanesbær to send electronic information (exelskjal) the following information at the address

Confirmation that the participant / participant at the department / member has paid an exercise or participation fee for the year 2017, the amount of the fee, the identification number and the child’s name and ID number, account number and the name of the parent / guardian.

When this information has been received by the town center, Reykjanesbær will pay ISK. 35,000.- to the parents of the children through the mittreykjanesystem system. Payment will take place on the 10th of the month for the first time on 10 January and ending December 10, 2018. Credits will not be used for the Leisure School.

The condition is that both a child and a parent are domiciled in Reykjanesbær.